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Ibiza Denia
from 11 € (residents)

For all of you residents in Ibiza island. You can enjoy your holidays to Spain with amazings deals.

You only have to add your resdient number (NIE number) at your booking. Enjoy your holidays!.

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Denia Formentera from 50 euros

Now available one of the best offers to visit Formentera. You can find hundreds of boat seats from only 50.00 euros per person, round trip. Discover this beautiful Mediterranean paradise.

You will find the best prices in May, September and October but, even during Holy Week and in summer you can enjoy the island.

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Denia Formentera
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Denia Ibiza ferry

What is the price of the Denia Ibiza ferry?

Balearia makes the crossing from Denia to Ibiza on two hours or three hours, depending on the type of boat in which you travel. From the most modern Super Fast Ferry to the ferries where you can take your own car.

Find in our booking searcher the best prices and all the offers of the Denia Ibiza ferry route. You will find great offers and discounts. You can not refuse them!.

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Formentera Denia ferry

White sand, crystal clear waters where you can see the bottom of the ocean. A sea full of life and Formentera, an island plently of beauty and peace.

98 km 61 mn Denia to Formentera ferry ferry from Denia to Formentera ferry Denia to Formentera boat Denia Formentera Crossing by ferry from Denia to Formentera Balearia ferryibiza.es ferry ferry Denia Formentera >>

How do I get to Formentera from Denia?

The best way to get to Formentera is to travel by ferry. And the closest port of the peninsula to reach this island is Denia, in the province of Alicante, a hundred kilometers from both Valencia and Alicante.

From May you can embark on the direct ferry Denia Formentera of Balearia, whose duration is two hours.

In June and September you can enjoy the "Balearia One Day Excursion" to Formentera from 50 euros per person, round trip.

From 60 euros, return, in July and August.

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Ibiza Formentera ferry

What is the best ferry company from Ibiza to Formentera?

If you are thinking about an ecological , cheap and fast way to travel from Ibiza to the neighboring island of Formentera, we encourage you to onboard the Balearia Eco Fast Ferries. Without a doubt, the most respectful way to travel to Formentera.

In just 30 minutes you will be at your destination

For those who want to take their bike or car to the island, Balearia also has other ferry options.

Discover which is the best option for you to discover Formentera.

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Ibiza ferry offers

All the offers to travel to Ibiza and Formentera.

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Valencia Ibiza ferry

How long does the boat from Valencia to Ibiza take and what is it's price?

The fastest way to travel from Valencia to Ibiza by ferry is with Balearia, whose crossing is 5 hours. These ferries depart at least once a day from the port of Valencia throughout the year. As an alternative to Valencia you can leave from the nearby port of Denia (Alicante) from where it only takes 2 hours.

You can find the best prices and all the offers of Valencia Ibiza ferry routes by clicking on our ferry search engine.

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Ibiza Barcelona ferry

Timetable and prices of Ibiza Barcelona ferries

When the holidays arrive, there is the desire to rest, visit the family and discover new places. From Ibiza you can embark, heading to Barcelona. From where you can follow your path to your destination.

Amazing prices for everyone!

If you are resident at the Balearic islands, do not forget to add your resident status to your reservation to benefit from the advantages and discounts you have.

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Ibiza Mallorca ferry

Day trip from Ibiza to Mallorca by ferry

If you spend your holidays in Ibiza and you want to visit a big city, escape to Mallorca. This island offers you, in one day, the option of the best beaches, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Walk through its streets and discover the old town of Palma.

Click on the next button. We offer you all the timetables and prices for your to visit to Mallorca as you have never done before.

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The leading ferry company of the Mediterranean with which we recommend you cross to Ibiza. Modern, fast and ecological ferries.

30 ships

Balearia has 30 ferries that operate in 20 national and international routes in Spain, Morocco and the United States.

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Our customers love Balearia and we too.

That's the reason we only work with them.

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How to go to Ibiza by ferry with car?

Enjoy your holidays in Ibiza by taking your car with you by ferry. You can enjoy your destination as never before.

By ferry, you can take all the luggage you need, both you and yours. It is not great?

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ferry to Ibiza with car

How much does it cost to travel with car to Ibiza by ferry?

Use our timetable and prices engine to find out the price of taking your car by ferry. Tell us the brand and model of your car and whether its height exceeds two meters in height or not.

Remember that in addition to your car you can embark a trailer, vans, bikes and motorcycles that will make your holidays amazing.

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Large families:
Advantages for traveling by ferry

In all routes of Balearia, also in those traveling to Ibiza, large families (general and special) have discounts on normal fare prices.

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Large families travel cheaper by ferry

All members of large families have discounts when traveling by ferry, also to Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca.

Add your general or special large family number to your booking (in the Bonus section) and travel at cheaper prices than if you are traveling by plane.

In addition, Baleária's ferries have facilities for children and special programming, especially in summer.

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How to buy ferry tickets?

1. From and to

Select the port of Origin and Destination of your ferry trip.

2. Departure and return date

Click on your DEPARTURE date and, if you also need it, on your RETURN date.

3. How many are you?

Tell us how many passengers traveling are you,( Adults and children ).

If you have some kind of discount (large family, residents, ...) you must indicate it.

4. Do you want to take your car?

If you want to get your car by ferry, select the Brand and Model of your vehicle.

Now you just have to press the " Search " botton.

Ferry Ports

Denia (in Alicante) is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean coat. From Denia you can embark to Ibiza (to the cities of Ibiza and San Antonio), Formentera and Palma de Mallorca.

In its port you will find the central offices of Baleária.



Ibiza is, at the same time, the city of modern music and the party but in which you will also find places to rest.

From the port in the city center you can travel to Formentera in the Eco Fast Ferries of Balearia.

The rest of the trips (to Denia, Valencia and Palma of Mallorca) are made from the Maritime Station of Botafoch , the new piers.



San Antonio is the other big city located on the other side of the island of Ibiza. It is 15/20 minutes by car from Ibiza city, the capital of the island.

The ferries leaving from Denia and Valencia are also moored in its port and it is an ideal place to discover its coves and visit the rest of Ibiza.

San Antonio (Ibiza)

San Antonio (Ibiza)

White sand, quiet and crystalline waters are the hallmarks of Formentera , the last paradise of the Mediterranean.

The port of La Savina is the first place you'll arrive when you're in the island. From here you can move by bus, motorcycle or bicycle.



Balearia joins Valencia with the three largest islands of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca. The boarding area in Valencia is located in the Moll del Turia in the old hangars of the Copa América.



Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city very well connected to the rest of the world.

Its access is very close to the center of the city, closely watched by the statue of Columbus, the main reference if you are looking the port.



Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands. A dynamic city, full of life that we invite you to enjoy if you do not know it.

Its port is very close to the city center and the Paseo Maritimo.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

Everything clear?

If you are already clear about your port of origin and destination ( Ibiza , Formentera and Mallorca are the most requested) you only have to click in the following link and book your ferry tickets.

And start enjoying!

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